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Knife stuck in window. How to get it out?

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A family member stuck the blade of this knife into my window, so that burglars couldn't open the window and break into our house. It worked so well that I can't open the window or get the knife out.

The handle of the knife is almost flush with the window, so I haven't been able to get a grip on it. This was during the summer. Now that it has gotten cold I suspect it's even more wedged in.

Any suggestions on how I can extract this thing?


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25 of the Most Unforgettable Things That Were Invented in a Garage

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A must-have material for decoupage projects, Mod Podge, short for “Modern Decoupage,” is an all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish that can be used to adhere fabric or paper to a variety of surfaces, including furniture, accessories, and even cars. Atlanta-based DIYer Jan Wetstone dreamed up the slippery stuff in the 1960s in her own garage and tested her creation by decoupaging a Volkswagen beetle, of all things!

flickr.com via handmadewhimsy

Source: https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/25-of-the-most-unforgettable-things-that-were-invented-in-a-garage-52790?slide_name=quadricycle-invented-in-a-garage&;

Relabeling 6-AWG Wire

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With #6 you cannot re-mark. You can with #4 though, and #4 aluminum has the same ampacity as #6 copper at less cost.

You want NEC 210.5.

  • By default you are not allowed to re-mark conductors at all.
  • in multiconductor cables only, you are allowed to re-mark only neutrals to be only hots. This is not allowed for individual wires in conduit.
  • for wires 4 AWG or larger, you are free to re-mark anything (except ground colors, 250.119) to anything else including ground.

So you have the right idea, but use #4 aluminum instead of #6 copper.

Don't get overexcited about distinguishing hot wires from one another. In North American split-phase, it usually doesn't matter. Black/black is fine. What's much more important is distinguishing each circuit from other circuits. I have one job where the installer installed four 240V circuits in one conduit: each is black/red and you can't tell em apart! Since there was another conduit parallel to that one, a better choice would've been 2 black and 2 red in each conduit.

Also, don't forget to use your all-metal conduit instead of the ground wire. No need for grounds in EMT or rigid, for instance.

Source: https://diy.stackexchange.com/questions/148901/relabeling-6-awg-wire

How AEC technology has evolved and why you need to keep up

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From the earliest days of Computer Aided Design (CAD) through to Building Information Modeling (BIM), cloud computing, and generative design, take a journey through the ages – the Eras of Documentation, Optimization, and Connection – and find out about the future of AEC technology and how you can take advantage if a connected project experience.  

In this informative ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How trends in technology have evolved in the AEC industry to deliver a better built environment
  • Why AutoCAD spurred the “Era of Documentation”
  • How the emergence of BIM in the 1990s ushered in the “Era of Optimization” allowing teams to connect models, coordinate information in the field, and much more
  • How the new “Era of Connection” and the advent of new tools and capabilities in the cloud is benefitting AEC professionals to work together in ways never before possible

Download this ebook and take a journey from the past to the future of improved project success. 

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Source: https://www.contractormag.com/whitepapers/how-aec-technology-has-evolved-and-why-you-need-keep

Rare Earth Magnet Nail Finder

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Like aged wood, here are 100 more items you should never throw out (and how to reuse them):

[tip id=102872 /]

I needed to pour a concrete pad for a brick mailbox I was building. My neighbor, a retired mason, offered to help, and his first instruction was to skip the concrete mixer rental. He had an easier way, using two people, a 6 x 6-ft. heavy-duty tarp with rope handles at each corner, and a water bucket. Here’s how it works. Pour a bag of concrete mix in the center of the tarp, make a crater in the center and then add the recommended amount of water. Each person grabs two tarp corners like they’re going to fold the tarp. Lift one corner at a time going in one direction, like you’re doing “the wave” at a football game, and continue for a minute or two until the bag is mixed. Pour the concrete right from the tarp into the form and start a new bag. My project, requiring eight bags of concrete mix, was mixed and poured in less than an hour, including washing the tools and tarp. —Travis Dunford

Source: https://www.familyhandyman.com/tools/rare-earth-magnet-nail-finder/

Nokia 9 PureView ab heute in Deutschland für 649 Euro erhältlich

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Nun ist es zu haben: Das High-End-Smartphone Nokia 9 PureView ist ab heute in Deutschland zum Preis von 649 Euro erhältlich. Die Besonderheit dieses Modells liegt primär in der Fünffach-Kamera mit Zeiss-Optik. Der Kamera-Aufbau sieht sehr ungewöhnlich aus und erinnert mich persönlich ein wenig an Insekten-Augen. Zunächst ist das Nokia 9 PureView dabei auf dem hiesigen Markt nur in Midnight Blue erhältlich.

Vorgestellt wurde das Nokia 9 PurView bereits auf dem Mobile World Congress 2019. So dient bei diesem Gerät noch der Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 aus dem letzten Jahr als SoC. Dem Prozessor stehen 6 GByte RAM zur Seite. HMD Global, welche die Smartphones unter der Marke Nokia vertreiben, wollen vor allem mit der Kamera punkten, die grundsätzlich Bilder in HDR erstellt. Alle fünf Linsen nehmen gleichzeitig auf und via Software bastelt man sich ein einzelnes Foto mit 12 Megapixeln zurecht. Insgesamt kombiniert man dabei zwei Farb- und drei Monochrom-Sensoren.

Oben erblickt ihr noch einmal die technischen Daten des Geräts. Dass das pure Android 9.0 Pie als Betriebssystem dient, macht das Nokia 9 PureView vielleicht für den ein oder anderen zusätzlich zu einem spannenden Modell. Damit ist natürlich auch das Update auf Android Q sowie die nachfolgende Android-Version garantiert. HMD Global verspricht für die Kamera außerdem Features wie etwa die nachträgliche Anpassung von Fokus, Unschärfe und Sättigung in allen Bildbereichen. Im Profimodus sind nun Belichtungszeiten von bis zu 10 Sekunden einstellbar.

Ist das Nokia 9 PureView für euch eine Alternative zu anderen Flaggschiffen? Oder seid ihr wegen des Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 aus dem letzten Jahr bereits raus? Ich selbst bin sehr auf die ersten Berichte zur Fünffach-Kamera gespannt und wie sie sich im Vergleich zu den Triple- und Quad-Modellen anderer Hersteller schlägt.

Source: https://stadt-bremerhaven.de/nokia-9-pureview-ab-heute-in-deutschland-fuer-649-euro-erhaeltlich/


Work is a vital part of our lives, and even if we want to be more than our jobs, it’s hard to get away from something that consumes at least 40 hours a week – or more, if you count the time that we spend commuting, thinking, planning, and decompressing.

When our job is going well, it can be a vital, fulfilling element of life that contributes to overall feelings of wellness and yes, even happiness. But when a job is less than ideal, the stress can bleed in other areas of life and become a mental burden.

A recent survey found that more than 70 percent of workers in America are unhappy at work and do not feel connected. (1) No job is ever going to be 100 percent fun or easy, but a majority of a person’s work should feel fulfilling and purposeful. Even on rough days, we all need an overall sense of belonging and accomplishment. This is true for any job, no matter how seemingly mundane.

Regardless of what your job is, employees have a higher chance of feeling connected and content in their work if they’re relating in a positive way to coworkers, employers, and other aspects of the company – not just the actual tasks they complete.

How Our Need for Community Extends Into the Workplace


While some might write off workplace engagement as emotional, it’s quite normal to want to feel connected at work and to have that satisfaction of making a difference. Jobs comprise a rather large portion of our existence, and even if we get a paycheck in return, that’s a lot of hours, days, weeks, and months spent on something that disregards another basic need of human nature: community.

People want to know that they matter, in work and in personal life. They don’t want to feel invisible and replaceable. If you go to work each day and feel as if no one notices you’re there, it can contribute to feelings of depression and discontent.

There’s a classic episode of Friends where Phoebe is selling paper toner as a telemarketer, and she ends up speaking to Earl (a.k.a. George Costanza!). He’s miserable, depressed, and working in an office where no one knows who he is and wouldn’t even notice if he were gone. Phoebe ends up convincing him that his life matters in spite of the fact that his coworkers are too wrapped up in themselves to notice.

While that’s a 90s sitcom, the principle remains: we need to not only feel like our jobs matter, we need to feel like we personally have a unique place in our job. Not only does this increase satisfaction in life, but it also helps us do our best work.

Building Healthy Relationships at Work

It’s great to want to make a difference at your job and have healthy relationships with coworkers, but that’s also a vague concept for many. How do you take an impersonal, unfulfilling job situation and make it better, short of finding a new one?

The thing is, even if you leave your current job, you’d still need to build relationships at your new workplace to make it a more fulfilling environment. How do you practically but meaningfully engage with coworkers – without feeling forced?

Ask about their life outside of work. It might seem small or obvious, but showing an interest in your coworkers as fellow human beings can go a long way in building rapport. Yes, even with coworkers who you may not get along with. Perhaps understanding aspects of their lives beyond the workplace will help to provide a fuller picture. You don’t have to get too personal here. Ask if they have pets, what their hobbies are, favorite places to travel, etc. And then really listen to their answers!

Give words of encouragement. Don’t use empty words and don’t say something you don’t mean, but finding something to praise about their work is a great way to engage positively. Plus, many people find that their jobs are more about being criticized than being encouraged. The world can’t have enough kindness and encouragement, so bring more of it to your workplace.

Lend a helping hand. If you’re a member of a team, pull a little more than your share of the work. Be the person who’s ready to step in and problem solve and slow to blame. This builds camaraderie and also shows that you’re genuinely interested in working as a team.

How to Turn Conflict into Stronger Relationships


If you already find yourself in a rough work environment or situation, there are still ways to improve your environment and change your workplace culture.

One of the most effective ways to engage authentically with other people, in the workplace or not, is to practice humility. Apologize when you do something wrong and admit if you make a mistake. But here’s the thing: this doesn’t mean saying that you’re a failure. Too often in the workplace, we feel that if we aren’t perfect, then we’re expendable. No human is perfect, in work or personal life, and we’re going to make mistakes at work, miss deadlines, or just perform worse than we’re capable of. Everyone has an off day.

In addition to humility, be kind. If someone admits a mistake or has a rough day, don’t rub it in their face. Yes, workplaces can be competitive. Yes, we need to prioritize our career. But do we really want to do it at the expense of someone else?

Maintaining a balanced perspective about work is essential, and this is best done by having a mentor – probably someone not in your company, who can serve as an outside voice of wisdom, advice, and reason.

If you’re working through conflict in the workplace, it’s not unlike resolving it in personal areas of life.

  • Be willing to admit when you’re wrong.
  • Be kind and listen to what the other person is saying. Really listen – and don’t have an instant comeback ready. Sometimes taking a few moments, or even a day or two, to process or cool down can help to produce a balanced solution.
  • Bring in a third party. Having someone who is objective can help to focus the discussion. Maybe you’re mired in details and have lost sight of the big picture.

Set Realistic Expectations

No job is going to be perfect, and even if you put in the effort to focus on greater aspects of community and belonging, you might be met with resistance and negativity. You might even face the realization that your goals don’t align with the job or company that you’re a part of. While this can feel unsettling, understand that it’s never too late to inspire change.

Try to make some focused changes on engaging with co-workers and perhaps even expressing your workplace desires to your boss.

Remember that different personalities engage with life in different ways. Introverts, extroverts, and many categories in between can shape a person’s desires and views of the workplace. Relationships start with communication, and understanding happens as relationships develop.

Asking yourself what you desire from your workplace relationships – and having clear answers – is the starting point to improving your work life, but also your overall existence. Work might not be the only thing we do, but it’s virtually impossible to separate something that makes up a large part of our existence.

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Source: https://www.paleoplan.com/2018/11-30/happiness-in-the-workplace/


Church Point man wanted for home improvement fraud turns self in - KATC Lafayette News

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The Church Point man wanted for home improvement fraud has turned himself in, according to police.

Milan GalaMilan Gala
Courtesy APSO

Police says 42-year-old Milan M. Gala turned himself in to the Acadia Parish jail just before noon on Tuesday.

Gala is accused of taking money from a resident and promising to build a fence. That fence work was never done. Police say that Gala was operating as Acadiana A1 Fence Company at the time of the fraud.

Police say Gala is believed to have committed similar crimes in other parishes.

He was arrested and booked on a charge of felony home improvement fraud.

Source: https://katc.com/news/around-acadiana/acadia-parish/2019/04/23/church-point-man-wanted-for-home-improvement-fraud-turns-self-in/

Minimum temperature for LED bulbs

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I’m trying to pick some LED light bulbs for outdoor use. I live in Canada and we can get temperatures below -40°C. On all the bulbs I look at, there is the disclaimer:

Minimum starting temperature -25°C (-13°F).

What does this mean? Will the bulbs not work reliably below this temperature? I’ve tried searching the internet and everybody (albeit of indeterminate knowledge) is saying that LEDs will actually work better at cold temperature.

For what it’s worth, I did come across one bulb labelled “COLDSTART” and “-40°F” but, unfortunately, it is not as bright as I would like.

Source: https://diy.stackexchange.com/questions/149458/minimum-temperature-for-led-bulbs

4 Ways to Improve Your Nursery on a Budget - Today's Homeowner

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By: Thomas Boni

“Today’s Homeowner” co-host Chelsea Lipford Wolf shows you how to update your nursery on her blog, Checking In With Chelsea.

“Today’s Homeowner” co-host Chelsea Lipford Wolf regularly shares her sense of style on her blog, Checking In With Chelsea.

Her latest update features changes to the nursery; it has served her daughter, Mary Helen, well, but Chelsea’s making it more “dude-friendly” so it also appeals to her son, Gus.

You can take a peek inside the nursery for do-it-yourself tips and inspiration!

The improved nursery features DIY Roman shades, battery-operated sconces, updated gallery walls and a framed canvas.

Chelsea Lipford Wolf

Chelsea Lipford Wolf is a born-and-raised home enthusiast, adding her crafty skills and passion for DIY as co-host of the top-rated, nationally syndicated “Today’s Homeowner” TV show.
In addition, Chelsea maintains her own home lifestyle and décor blog and award-winning web-series, “Checking in with Chelsea.”

Don’t miss out! Follow Today’s Homeowner on social media for exclusive videos, home improvement tips and behind-the-scenes photos.


Source: https://www.todayshomeowner.com/4-ways-to-improve-your-nursery-on-a-budget/